Gilead Industry Breakfast Symposium

Gilead Industry Breakfast Symposium 

Speakers: Dr Joseph Doyle (Burnett Institute, Melbourne), Ms Mary Fenech (Nurse Practitioner, QuIHN), Mr John Boyle (Clinical Psychologist, John Boyle & Associates) and Dr Joss O’Loan (Kombi Clinic, Brisbane)

Date: Friday 1 March 2019

Breakfast served at: 0715

Symposium time: 0715-0845

Venue: Eureka Room 1, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Title: No One Left Behind: Eliminating HCV from your practice

A significant proportion of people living with HCV in Australia have a history of current or past injection drug use. Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) have transformed the treatment of HCV and, with a pangenotypic and panfibrotic DAA, achieving a cure is simple. The WHO has set global targets for HCV elimination and Australia is on target to reach these goals. However, reaching every patient who needs HCV screening and linking them into care will take a multidisciplinary approach and require multiple models of care. Patients with HCV can also have multiple comorbidities so overcoming individual barriers to screening, diagnosis, treatment and cure is important.

This interactive symposium brings together a multidisciplinary group of experts. Dr Joseph Doyle (Burnett Institute, Melbourne) will set the scene on HCV in Australia and how we are tracking towards the WHO elimination targets. Ms Mary Fenech (Nurse Practitioner, QuIHN) through her work with people who inject drugs will discuss the critical role that nurses play in HCV management. A patient will then discuss HCV from their perspective and what the benefits are beyond a cure. Mr John Boyle (Clinical Psychologist, John Boyle & Associates) will discuss how overcoming resistance and ambivalence can be achieved through questioning techniques. Dr Joss O’Loan (Kombi Clinic, Brisbane) will discuss how Primary Care is playing a critical role in HCV screening and treatment in Australia. We conclude with an interactive Q&A panel with the opportunity for you to interact with our experts. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting symposium.


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